This is where I'll put the rare, unusual, and especially beautiful Sailor Moon things I find (and I'll buy them if they're not too expensive). Most will come from eBay, so if you want any, race over there and look!

Baby Dolls

Recently I've seen both these Super Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon baby dolls on eBay. They are reallyyy cute and reallyyy rare. ;) Chibi Moon is going for $400 since she comes mint in her box (with Luan P too!), and Super Moon is priced at $200 without her gloves and tiara.

Roleplaying Toys

I love finding these things! Here we have Sailor Moon's Crescent Moon Wand, Moon Scepter, Spiral Heart Moon Rod, and Purity Chalice (North American names). These toys are always kind of pricey (like $100 each), but they sure are pretty...

GORGEOUS Sailor V Resin!

Look at this beauty! It's an unpainted model, but... damn.

Eternal Sailor Moon Poster

Okay, this is super beautiful... Molly want.

Pre-Painted Usagi with Luna Resin

For $249... this can can be yours. *drools* As you can see, the painting job done on this resin is just incredible. I especially love Usagi's bunny bag.

Angel Usagi Poster

A gorgeous poster of Usagi as an Angel, from one of the last episodes of the series and one of my favorites. Perhaps the best part is that the poster is being placed down with a graphing calculator.