About Sailor Gliese

At some point in every Sailor Moon fan's life, they imagine that they can create a Sailor Scout to join the series. I am no exception.

The Planet Gliese
I chose the planet Gliese as my Otaku scout's guardian planet because it has been rumored as being a planet capable of carrying life (as planet Gliese 581d).

About the Girl
Japanese Name: Yuuki Seishou
English Name: Zoe Seishou
Name Meaning: Energy of Life
Birthday: Gemini
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Light Auburn
Skin: Fair
Height: 5'0"

Dislikes: Sleeping
Strong Points: Strong will, optimism, fiercely defensive of her friends
Has Trouble With: Admitting defeat or backing down from a fight, forgiveness, holding grudges
Dream: To be a doctor

Personality: Yuuki is energetic and strong-willed. She makes it her duty to cheer up people who are down, and she's an unwavering optimist. However, if anyone mistreats her or her friends, she is fiercely defensive and will refuse to back down from a fight. This also causes her to hold a lot of grudges.
     She does have trouble sleeping; a fear of the nightmares she tends to have keeps her awake at night.

Personal History

About the Senshi
Sailor Name: Sailor Gliese
Realm of Influence: Energy (all kinds: Kinetic, Sound, Internal, etc)
Transformation: Gliese
Colors: Silver, teal


Attack 1: Gliese Sonic Boom - Offensive
Attack 2: Vital Energy Drain - Offensive
Attack 3: Gliese Kinetic Rush - Defensive

Sailor History:


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