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Welcome to Pricey Love, a site to showcase my Sailor Moon collection and my passion for all things Sailor Moon.

There's just a couple things I wanna let you know if you're new to the site. 1. My collection is very small and modest now (especially in comparison to some massive collections I've seen), but it will keep growing, so keep checking back! 2. I'm exclusive about what I'll buy for my collection. I only purchase items of my favorite characters (see here), so I'm not looking to buy everything anyway.

Anddd that's all I have to say. :] Enjoy!


12/28/10 I'm still alive! I'll take advantage of winter break off of school to update. :] I've got lots of great things to add, so stay turned!

07/30/10 More new things! 1 in Misc (3 magnets) and I've added a new section to my Collection page: Media! 1 new thing is there already (a DVD). Believe it or not, there is still more to come. Also, check out the updated Finds page!

07/20/10 1 new super cute Figure. :3

07/10/10 Makin' some slow and stready progress! I've add 2 new misc. items (a keychain and a card), 1 new plushie, and 1 new resin (which you are NOT gonna wanna miss). Check 'em out! More to come later.

07/06/10 Well it's definitely past June 28 like I had said. 0:) I apologize. But I am leaving for a whitewater rafting trip tomorrow, and when I get back on Saturday... you should expect new stuff to start popping up! And I promise it's all worth the wait.

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