About Me

It's me!Name: Molly
Age: 21!
Birthday: 05/30/89
From: Kentucky, USA
Zodiac: Gemini
Religion: Jewish
Job: Student for now

I'm an open book, really. I don't keep many things private, so I talk A LOT. I try to be easygoing, but school makes me an overachiever. I just want to make people laugh and smile. Life should never be taken too seriously! I love to be spontaneous; it makes things exciting.

I'm currently a Junior in college with plans to go to medical school and become a dermatologist one day. I like sleeping late, goofing off, going out to eat, and collecting Sailor Moon stuff, of course! :) I want to travel the world someday and see everything it has to offer. I'm crazy about my friends and living life to the fullest.

I'm a HUGE Sailor Saturn fan!

Favorites: (what I'll buy)
Sailor Saturn
Sailor Moon
Super Sailor Moon
Eternal Sailor Moon
Sailor V
Luna/Sailor Luna
ChibiChibi/Sailor ChibiChibi
Sailor Cosmos
Any of the kitties

Likey: Sailor Moon (duh), pickles, kitties, photography, web design, food in general, history, math, home decorating, How I Met Your Mother
No Likey: Darkness, fire, stupid people, smoking, old movies, celery, Ohio drivers, big dogs who jump on you, turtlenecks

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