NEW! Sailor Saturn SM World 2 Card

A Sailor Saturn card from the Sailor Moon World 2 collection. I love her pose! Not sure what the back says in Japanese...

NEW! Magnets

Magnets. :3 And yes, those are puffer fish next to them.

NEW! Sailor Saturn Keychain

Loveee this Sailor Saturn keychain (though I dunno if I'm brave enough to actually attach her to my keys). I had to work hard on eBay to get her!

Mamoru 2" Keychain

A keychain of Mamoru in his prince form! He's about 2" tall.

Pop-Up Book

A Sailor Moon pop-up book featuring the heroine herself, the Inner Scouts, plus Uranus and Neptune. It's all in Japanese, so no, I have no idea what it's about. But it sure is fun to pop up! Some pages have little tabs to make the characters move, too. More pictures below (click to enlarge).

Sailor Moon Lock Box

A metal box featuring Sailor Moon and Luna, comes with a lock and key. :) So you can safely store your funds to buy more Sailor Moon stuff!

Inner Scouts Lunch Box

A metal lunch box featuring the Inner Scouts!

Collectible Card Game

So I never actually learned how to play this card game... I just collected the cards for the sake of seeing the pretty pictures. Cool, right? The game set comes with pebbles, so I'm sure it's an intense game. You have your Sailor Scout cards, event cards, items, attacks, etc.

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