I buy all my resins pre-painted, so they are quite expensive ($150-200!). Trust me, I'm not skilled enough to do this myself. ;)

Sailor Saturn 1/8 Resin

This is my most prized possession. I've always said that if my house was burning and I could grab only one THING (not person or pet :P), this would be it. She is handpainted, delicate, and gorgeous. Her glaive is removable, and it fits perfectly in her hands. She was expensive, but I got her as a gift. :) She's a little dusty...

NEW! Sailor Cosmos 1/6 Resin

Yes, your eyes are not mistaking you, this is a Sailor Cosmos resin. She can be purchsed at e2046 for a pretty penny (I bought her on pre-order). As you can see, she is a work of art, perfectly detailed and just beautiful. Her colors and airbrushing are especially great. She is big and heavy for a resin figure!

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