About My Love for Sailor Moon

My love for Sailor Moon began with excitement to get home quickly every day after elementary school to catch the show on TV at 4:00 (or was it 4:30?). I remember Dragonball Z was on beforehand and Gundam Wing was on after, so needless to say I watched a bit of these shows as well. But they're for yucky boys.

For the longest time watching the Sailor Moon show was the highlight of my day. My best friend (who remains so even today, 15 years later) and I would always use our imaginations to act out that we were Sailor Scouts.

I fell in love with Sailor Saturn as soon as I learned about her online, because she hadn't appeared in an American episode yet. I liked her because she was powerful, rare, and mysterious. Imagine my excitement when the first Sailor Saturn episodes were aired. For the longest time, before any of the Outer Scouts had appeared in an American episode, I thought my Sailor Uranus 6" doll was Sailor Saturn. Oops.

My collection began with the Sailor Moon toys I bought at this younger age. It grew when I started buying Sailor Saturn items, because clearly I could not rely on American episodes of Sailor Moon to feed my Sailor Saturn fandom.

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