About Pricey Love

Pricey Love was created in January 2010. For a really long time (like 6 years) I had tried to maintain a personal website, and it just wasn't working out for me. I couldn't think of enough creative content to keep visitors or even myself entertained, and I would quickly become lazy with its upkeep.

The idea to make a site dedicated to my Sailor Moon collection was perfect. It came to me just as I was expanding my collection, which had been stuck at the same size for years. This website would have interesting content and would have the opportunity to be updated often. Just what I wanted, so I went to work. ;)

The layout you see here was made by yours truly!

Some questions you may be asking:

Where do I buy this stuff?!
The majority of the items in my collection (the figures, resins, plushies, magnets) I bought on eBay. I also check eBay Singapore as much as I check the US website, because they tend to have more stuff available.

Are any items in your collection for sale?
Nopers. :)

Will you make me a Sailor Moon layout?
Probably not... Sorry. Maybe for money?

How can I make my own Sailor Moon website?
        Please do! It's not as hard as it seems, and I would love to visit it! You can start by teaching yourself some HTML. I recommend lissaexplains.com. I know it looks kid-ish, but I used it, and it has lots of simple tutorials (everything from frames to css and my favorite, the Hexadecimal RGB Color Chart). Pricey Love is fueled completely by HTML that I typed up character-by-character. It becomes fun, I promise!
        Or, if that's a bit too much for you, there are website generators that allow you to create without a knowledge of HTML. Check out wikispaces.com and weebly.com.

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