06/20/10 So I just took a bunch of pictures of all the new stuff I've bought, and turns out I forgot the cord to upload images from my camera to my computer. :| Expect new things around June 28 then. In the meantime, I've added some goodies to the Finds page!

06/13/10 Is $60 (+ $8 shipping) too much for the Sailor Saturn UFO Plushie on my wishlist? It's just sitting on Ebay Singapore, taunting me... Hmm.

06/09/10 Ughhh MCAT. Keeping me from website. No likey. I'm working from my house in Lexington right now, but once I get back to the NKY I'll be taking pix of my new loot and posting them all on here. :3

01/07/10 Sup.