Soo many things I want! $$ Mostly resins... which is sad, because they are so costly... :\

1. Super Sailor Saturn UFO Plushie

So cute and cuddly! I've only seen this on eBay a couple times--and never in online stores--so it's going to be difficult to find again. Here's hopin'. I'm not sure what the cost will be, either.

2. Painted Sailor Saturn 1/5 Resin

This is my second favorite resin of Sailor Saturn (my first being the one I have). Apparently she stands at 15" tall! Holy wow! Her pose is so lifelike, and I tend to prefer the merchandise of Sailor Saturn as an adult. I only know of one painted version, so maybe one day...

3. Painted Eternal Sailor Moon 1/6 Resin

This is one of several Eternal Sailor Moon resins I've seen on eBay, but I like this pose the best. A painted model was for sale recently... unfortunately it was $400! So yeah...

4. Painted Sailor Saturn 1/7 Resin

A beautiful resin of Sailor Saturn in a kneeling pose with her glaive, ready to attack! :D I've seen painted ones on eBay, so once I have the money I should be able to acquire it pretty easily.

5. Super Sailor Moon 1/4 Resin

A resin of Super Sailor Moon in her attack pose, which is what makes me like her so much. :) I've heard this model is actually quite large (hence the 1/4). I know of one painted version available, but it's a cool $575.

6. Sailor Moon Megahouse Figure

A Sailor Moon figure in her classic pose! What a great find this is. I've heard that the Megahouse figures are some of the best Sailor Moon figures ever produced because of their quality and detail. They sell for about $200 on eBay, and I would love the Sailor Moon one (Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are also out there).